Muslims: Getting married & Staying Married Join Dr Bano Murtuja and Nader Khan to talk all things relationship.

Got something to say about getting and/or staying married? Come join us for the conversation - Free (Registration needed)

Getting married can be tough, with a whole heap of obstacles that can get in the way. Staying married isn't always either - at least not married with a smile on your face.

Dr Bano Murtuja - Founder and Matchmaker of Matchbox and her husband Sidi Nader Khan will be talking to each other and the audience about the funny, the not so funny and the taboo when it comes to marriage in these two live recorded sessions.

This one of a kind event will cover various topics about marriage, remarriage, maintaining friends after marriage and much more. Come join us on Saturday 24th March and learn to navigate marriage bumps smoothly.

The event is free, but seating is limited so please register.

Because we will be live recording, we ask our audience refrain from bringing children that will be unable to remain quiet during the discussion portions (15 min each with breaks).

For registrations click here:

Session 1: Getting Married
(12 pm - 2 pm)

  • Where to find the perfect wife/husband?
  • Aspirations and ambitions OR holidays and halloumi - conversations we should be having.
  • What I learnt about remarriage through divorce.
  • Cultural expectations - what flavour is your deen, family, culture and roles?
  • Marriage contracts - are we signing a prenup?
  • Remarriage after the death of a spouse.

Session 2: Staying Married
(3 pm – 5 pm)

  • In laws - the glue that binds or the cracks that break?
  • Step parenting - is this even a thing in Islam?
  • How not to side-eye your spouse, even though you really should.
  • Isn’t my spouse my BFF?? Maintaining your own friends after marriage.
  • Making time for your spouse after kids/Facebook/Turkish TV serials.
  • Love and mercy on remarriage.