Q1. How long will it take to submit profile?

5 min

Q2. Do I have to book an appointment after profile?

Yes, because everyone is interviewed in person so we can match you properly.

Q3. Can I bring someone with me to an event?

Yes, you can bring a friend, parent etc. but there is an extra $50 for them.

Q4. How private is it?

All our profiles remain off line. No one will know you are using our service except the people who you meet at events, or the people we introduce to you.

Q5. Is it HALAL?

Our reason for being is to help people find marriage partners in a halal way. Our events are designed to allow people to meet in a halal fashion, having fun but still being respectful of gender boundaries When we do one-to-one introductions we cannot force people to behave in an Islamically appropriate manner, we trust that people will do so.

Q6. How much does it cost?

Events cost $150 per person and additional $50 for a guest. One-to-One introduction costs $1000, and One-to-one Platinum costs $10,000.

Q7. When will events take place?

We won’t rush to create an event, it is not a race to the finish, it is about finding the right people. Events will only be put on when there are sufficient number of compatible people in one event area.

Q8. What happens if I pay for one-to-one and then find someone myself?

If we have not begun working with your profile, then you will get a full refund. If we have begun working for you, then there will be some deduction. This will be done on a case by case basis.

Q9. Can I submit profiles for someone else?

Yes you can, but they have to agree, and be available for the interview. If they do not wish to get married, or use our service, then we will have to remove their profile from our database.

Q10. How do you decide compatibility?

We apply your partner preferences, as well as our own results from in-person interview with yourself and someone else and match you in accordance with Islamic principles and our own experiences.

Q11. How do you decide which event I get invited to?

You are invited to events that have sufficient number of compatible attendees and are designed around your interests.

Q12. Can I fill in profile at home?

Yes of course, just give us your email address and take a flyer, and fill it in when you’re at home.

Q13. What happens if I don’t find anyone after 5 introductions?

Your Profile manager would have another interview with you after your third introduction to make sure we haven’t missed anything. If after 5 introductions, you still haven’t found someone you would need to pay another $1000 for a further 5 introductions.