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Picture - up to 5 (for internal purposes only).

Our Services


Event-based Introductions

You submit your profile and complete a phone interview with one of our team specialists. When we have a sufficient number of compatible profiles in your area, we will invite you to an event designed around your interests. All our events are gender balanced, by invite only and have a limited number of attendees You will be given the date and time of the event. Once you’ve made the payment, you will be notified of the specific details of the event.

One 2 One

One-to-one Introductions

After your personal interview with a Matchbox team specialist, your file is assigned to one of our team members who goes through our entire database to find the most potentially compatible profiles to you.

We will make up to 5 one-to-one introductions - and lots of du’a.

One 2 One Platinum

One-to-one Platinum Service

An elite service that takes all the stress out of making the decision to say ‘Kabool’.

Our Matchbox team goes full out. After reviewing compatible profiles and giving you the chance to meet through one to one introductions, the Matchbox team undertakes a full background check, meeting the family and even friends of your potential spouse, confirming everything from health, education and employment details.